Tešanovci 24, 9226 Moravske Toplice, Slovenija
+386 (0)51 357 170
3 apples
Activities on the farm
hiking, mountain climbing tennis golf biking

About the farm

The Passero Estate in the village of Tešanovci, at the foot of the Goričko hills, is an excellent base from which to set out on your discovery of the riches of Prekmurje. 

You will truly feel at home in the pleasant holiday cottage on the typically designed Prekmurje homestead. The young and highly devoted members of the Passero family swear by tradition, quality homemade food and sincere hospitability. Guests and passers-by are pampered with a diverse culinary menu. You should try their “Joys of Prekmurje” (Radosti Prekmurja) traditional meat products, such as Prekmurje ham, meat from a bucket, pâtés and sausages, characteristically flavoured spreads, pumpkin seed oil, homemade bread and juices, brandies and award-winning wines that are offered on the shelves of a small store operating on the homestead. 

The vineyard with a wine shop is located on the edge of the estate. On weekends, special occasions and for prearranged visits, they will lay the table with an opulent spread for you. You can also indulge your desire for desserts that will, of course, be characteristic of Prekmurje. These include gibanica layered cake, posolanka cottage cheese flat cake or pralines from their countryside chocolate shop. You can round off your comfortable and relaxed vacations in the village by either taking part in group farm work, bread baking, grape harvesting or visiting the thermal spas at the nearby Moravske Toplice. Prekmurje is yours for the taking when you visit the Passero Estate. Welcome.

Key information

  • Open from to
  • 1.1 - 31.12.
  • Apartments
  • 2/4 (počitniška hiša)
  • Seat capacity
  • 50
  • Foreign languages spoken on the farm
    • German
    • Croatian
    • Hungarian
    • English


  • High season
    • Apartment rental €100,00
    • Delni najem apartmaja €75,00/noč
  • Low season
    • Apartment rental €100,00
    • Delni najem apartmaja €75,00/noč
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