Rovišče 3, 1282 Sava, Slovenija
+386 (0)3 567 81 76, +386 (0)31 484 987
Activities on the farm
hiking, mountain climbing playground for children

About the farm

We are an excursion farm with some outstanding features. We offer our visitors what we grow and produce on our farm; cold cuts with home-made salami and bread, soups, the freshest meat, štruklji (rolled dumplings), etc. Upon prior agreement, we can organise a tour of our farm. You can get wheat, barley and various vegetables. We received a bronze award for our plum brandy.

"The food you prepare is so good, tasty and simple. We like your farm a lot because it is alive, because it has animals, etc. And there are so many fields at an altitude of almost 700 m." Nevenka, Hrastnik

Key information

  • Open from to
  • 1.1. - 31.12.
  • Foreign languages spoken on the farm
    • German
    • English
    • Croatian