Razgor 16, 3212 Vojnik, Slovenija
+386 (0)3 546 14 14, +386 (0)70 864 203
2 apples
Activities on the farm
hiking, mountain climbing skiing equestrianism fishing
Activities in the surroundings
swimming in outdoor swimming pool, biking

About the farm


This farm is situated in the beautiful little village of Razgor and its hilltop location means that it offers a wonderful view of Celje and the surrounding area. 

The farm kitchen serves up a varied and interesting range of dishes, including vegetarian dishes. The Slemenšeks are famous for their excellent cured meat products. The farm welcome families with children. Pets are also welcome and may stay with their owners in their rooms. 

Children can play in the children's playground, help with the corn-husking or simply enjoy themselves in natural surroundings and with the farm's animals: the dogs Piki and Charlie, the cats Tačke (Paws) and Cita, the mare Linda and her foal Pikica. The farm is an excellent base from which to visit the nearby Kaja & Grom Ranch. Those interested in discovering the secrets of medieval castles will enjoy a visit to the Old Castle in Celje. Visit the Carthusian monastery in Žice and learn about the life of the monks there. And if you like water and massages, a visit to a nearby spa (Terme Dobrna) is an excellent choice.

Key information

  • Open from to
  • 1.1. - 31.12.
  • Rooms
  • 4/4
  • Seat capacity
  • 50
  • Foreign languages spoken on the farm
    • German
    • English
    • Croatian


  • High season
    • Bed and breakfast €30.00
    • Half-board €33.00
  • Low season
    • Bed and breakfast €30.00
    • Half-board €33.00
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