Bujta repa

Quantities for 5 persons: 500 g pickled turnips 400 g fresh pork bones  (back) 60 g millet 50 g pig fat 50 g onion 20 g garlic 20 g flour 10 g  grounded paprika pepper 1 bay leaf, some peppercorns, salt, marjoram  Preparation method Put washed pickled turnips in a pot and add the bay  leaf, some peppercorns, garlic, marjoram and the bones while cooking.  When it is almost soft, add the washed millet which must remain on the  surface so it does not stick to the pot. When the millet porridge is  done, make a light brown roux with the fat, flour, onions and the  grounded red paprika, stir cold water into the roux and pour over the  cooked turnip and the millet porridge. Take the meat from the bone and  add it to the turnip. Boil it for a while and add the spices if  necessary. Bujta repa is a culinary specialty closely related to a pig  slaughter or koline. It is a compulsory dish for lunch or dinner. Bujta  –stands for “killed” because a pig was slaughtered. It can be served as a  hot pot or may be warmed up. Together with Bujta repa various types of  blood sausages (buckwheat, millet, blood), pork roast, in Dolenjska  region “rečica, is usually served. Modern eating habits require less fat  in the dish.

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