"Flandrova juha" lovage soup

Lovage is one of the most rewarding garden plants that grows at least one meter high. Its feathery leaves are used as a spice, while the roots and fruits have an even more intense flavour. Lovage leaves can be prepared with eggs, used as a spread for rolls or even for making a tasty soup.

Ingredients to serve four:

•1 large bunch lovage leaves

•1 medium sized onion


•1 tablespoon minced lard

•dried bread, diced

•1 egg

Sauté the onion on fat. When translucent, add two-thirds of chopped lovage. Continue to sauté for a while, then add water. Add salt and one tablespoon of minced lard.

Make cubes from the sliced and dried bread. Whisk the egg and stir in the bread cubes. Heat butter in a pan, add bread cubes with the egg and sauté until golden. Place them on top of the soup and sprinkle with the remaining third of the chopped lovage.

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