Idrijski žlikrofi (dumplings) with meat sauce

Idrijski žlikrofi was the first Slovenian dish to be protected in the European Union with a Traditional Speciality Guaranteed mark. While their production is not geographically limited, anyone who wants to offer a dish under this name must be certified.

Ingredients to yield 150 dumplings:

For the dough:

•300 grams flour

•1 egg

•1 teaspoon oil

•water or milk as needed, so the dough is soft

For the filling:

•500 grams potatoes

•50 grams smoked bacon or lard

•50 grams onion

•chives, chopped




From flour, egg and water or milk, knead dough which should be softer than dough used for noodles. The dough should be kneaded long enough to become flexible and elastic and it does not stick to the hands or the board. The dough should be dense and without holes when cut. Shape the dough into a loaf and cover to prevent it from drying. Let it rest for a minimum of 30 minutes. Roll the dough into a thin sheet.

Peel, dice and cook potatoes; mash while still warm. Add salt and fat (i.e. greaves, minced lard, roasted bacon). Sauté the onion and add to potatoes along with spices (marjoram, chives, pepper, salt). Mix and knead the ingredients. Prepare evenly shaped, hazelnut-sized balls, and place them onto the rolled out dough a few centimetres apart. Fold the dough and cut between the balls lengthwise and crosswise. Compress between the balls so the two layers do not fall apart and we get the ear-shape effect. Gently press on top of every dumpling to create a typical hat shape, 3 cm long and 2 cm high.

Toss the "žlikrofi" into a pan of boiling salted water, stir gently and cover with a lid. When the dumplings rise to the top and the water boils, they are cooked. Take out and serve immediately. Serve as main course, either seasoned with greaves or gravy or poured with goulash.

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