When you are considering where to spend your holidays, don`t overlook Slovenia`s countyside. 

Here, in idyllic green and peaceful settings far from crowds and the everyday rush, are numerous farms that along with their regular farming activities welcome tourists.

A holiday on a tourist farm is not the same as relaxing beside the sea or a health resort. A farm holiday offers close contact with nature and people, with their culture, wisdom, customs, and work.

Slovenia`s tourist farms will fulfill the expectations of old and young alike. On them, adults will find the corners of peace and relaxation, and children, a limitless playground; adults will get to know the local people and sit chatting with them in the evenings, while the farm children will introduce their peers from the city to the mysteries of farm life, delight them with the farm animals, and share adventures with them not found in the city.

Those who only have an afternoon or evening free, who want to enjoy good home cooking during an outing, or who want to surprise their families and friends with a celebration in a pleasant setting are invited to visit an excursion farm. Open on weekends, these farms also welcome guests by arrangement on any day of the week.

Farm women know what is good. Only the healthiest and freshest farm products go into the pots and pans where they prepare delicacies of traditional Slovene cooking: corn and buckwheat žganci, wheat and buckwheat kaša, sour soup, jota, ričet, bograš, njoki, žlikrofi, matevž, mežrle, krapki, minced lard, štruklji, walnut and buckwheat potica, gibanica.. and we mustn`t forget the excellent wines, apple cider, and brandies.

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