Technical Information and Data about rural tourism in Slovenia

1. General information about Slovenia

Area: 20.273 km2 Population: 2 million Capital: Ljubljana Language: Slovene Climate: Alpin, Continental, Mediterranean

2. Our organization: 

Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia is organized as an association, ungovernment, unprofitable was established in 1997 has 400 members -holders of tourist activity on farms ( 2.054 beds, 11.600 seats) covers the teritory of Slovenia has the managing board with 13 members and the president - Matija Vimpolšek

Strategical Objectives: higher quality of the offer of tourist farms, higher occupancy rates, more daily guests on excursion farms, wine cellars, making a positive image of the countryside in the public, to preserve jobs on farms, to contribute to maintaining the density of population and cultural haritage in the rural areas. Basic data for the Association Financial resources: membership fee (45 EUR), members' contributions for promotion actions and trainings, different projects supported by Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of Slovenia,... Management: the professional assistance for all the activities of the Association - two persons in total, is provided by the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia on the Agriculture and Forestry Institute in Celje; very important is also the work of the managing board members - in the field public relations, lobbying The cooperation with following institutions is vital Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food of Slovenia ( Ministry of Economy ( Slovenian Tourist Board ( ) Tourist Association of Slovenia (

3. Occupancy rates

Occupancy rates: 75 days per year in average, farms wich are near tourist centers, thermal spas, ski resorts... have more than 150 days.

4. Prices per person per day

overall medium 

basic quality level
1- 2 apples

medium quality
3 apples

high quality level
4 apples

Rooms / Bed & Breakfast

25 EUR

35 EUR

45 EUR

Rooms /half board

35 EUR

45 EUR

50 EUR

Self-catering homes for 2 persons

50 EUR

60 EUR

      80 EUR

quality levels:
basic: only minimum requierements
medium: 2-3 star level (50% of rooms with en-suite bath, 5 persons/bath, etc.)
high: 4 star level - all rooms with ensuite bath; central heating, ...

5. Where do clients come from? 

  • Slovenia (60%)
  • Germany (13%)
  • Italy (12%)
  • Croatia (8%)
  • other countries: Austria, Great Britain,Hungary, Netherlands, Danemark, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Skandinavian coutries, Izrael, Japan, USA, Canada, Poland,...

7. Quality Grading / Classification Scheme 

  • Is obligatory for all the accomodations in Slovenia
  • Is regulated and controlled by the state 
  • The quality of accomodation and service on tourist farms (rooms, appartments): one to four apples

1 apple: simply furnished rooms with common washroom and toilet

2 apples: good offer, simply furnished rooms (at least half with private washroom and toilet)

3 apples: very good offer, well-furnished rooms (majority with private washroom and toilet)

4 apples: outstanding offer, large and comfortable well-furnished rooms (all with private washroom and toilet), wide offer of meals, diverse additional facilities and programs (tennis courts, swimming pool, riding, etc.)

What is included in the assessment?

- The accomodations inside the farmhouse, 

- The overall attractiveness of the farm ,

- The arrangement of outdoor areas for guests, 

- The offer of typical local dishes and beverages, 

- local folk customs and traditions, 

- available sports and leisure time activities for guests,...

8. New Technologies


The association is presented on the Official Slovenian Tourism Information Portal Since 1999 all the tourist farms, that are presented in printed catalogues, have their comprehensive web presentation in five languages (English, German,French, italian, slovene) on the Official Slovenian Tourism Information Portal - this adress is promoted through more than two million pieces of promotional materials per year, international fairs, press releases and all other promotion activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board

  • 25 % of tourist farms presented in the catalogue (41 farms) have their own additional web page
  • The importance of internet is increasing, specially for tourists from abroad!
  • E-mail More than 150 tourist farms have their e-mail addresses (60%)

9. Tax treatment

Personal Income Tax treatment of tourism on a farm 

Tax base: - General rule: tax base is determined as a difference between realised (gained) income and normative costs (60 % of realised income) - Possibility: person, who performs the business, can decide for book keeping system. In that case tax base is determined by deducting the actual costs from realised income. Tax rate: in both cases 25 %.

10. VAT

VAT is obligatory for all which have more than 50.000 EUR income per year, all others can decide for this sistem voluntarily VAT for food or HB, B&B, FB... is 8,5% 

11. Administrative / Statutory Regulations

Legalisation process is proceeded on local administration units Forms for legalisation of tourism on a farm (accomodation, food, ...) 

A/ Supplementary activity on the farm 

Max 30 beds, max 60 seats. 

Income gained from supplementary activities per adult family member should not exceed 3 average yearly earnings per person in paid employment in the Republic of Slovenia (per adult family member ). In less favoured areas for agricultural production income should not exceed 5 average yearly earnings. Adequate minimum education, hygiene standards for production of food, classification 

B/Independent entrepreneur

12. Development of Rural Tourism 

Over the past 15 years the number of tourist farms has doubbled.

 13. Importance of different Sales Channels

Directly (catalogues, mouth to ear, Web, E-mail) 95%. The importance of Web is increasing very quickly!! Travel agencies 5%.

 Association of Tourist Farms of Slovenia helps tourists to get more information about tourist farms, to make a reservation directly on the farm; we don't proceed the payments

14. Activities of the Association 

- Marketing communication activities 

- Representing the interests of members and all the tourist farms in Slovenia 

- Informing the members (publication of the Association Welcome on the farm) 

- Organising different training for members 

- Projects dealing with developing the quality, marketing cooperation...

- Production of promotional materials-catalogues 

In cooperation with the Slovenian Tourist Board: 55.000 pieces of the catalogue in German, English, Italian, French, Croatian and Slovene language, every three years.

Other marketing activities of the Association of tourist farms

- Presentation of tourist farms on national and international fairs in Europe 

- Advertising 

- Assuring information for tourists (8-hours every day) 

- Marketing research.

Training for farmers - in cooperation with the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia Courses of foreign languages Basic courses for tourist farms : "Succesfull marketing on a tourist farm, selling with the phone or mail, relationship building ..." Workshops "Specialization-the key to success" Courses - computer knowledge, internet, slovene culinary specialities...