There are ever more farms in Slovenia that have chosen to develop a Holiday themes to fulfill your holiday wishes and help you choose a suitable farm holiday. Experts from individual fields have outlined obligatory and selected conditions that farms must meet to employ the symbol of a Holiday themes. From 2007 on, the Farm and Forestry Council of Slovenia will grant the use of these symbols.

A tourist farm suitable for families with children

These farms offer family holidays in an authentic farm setting. Great attention is devoted to entertaining children, and they pride themselves their attractive facilities especially for children (room furnishings, play areas, healthy food). Special attention is devoted to including parents in all activities.

Tourist farm with a healthy lifestyle offerings

These farms offer holidays for fans of a healthy lifestyle with opportunities to spend leisure time actively in unspoiled nature excellently combined with healthy food.

A tourist farm suitable for horse lovers and horseback riding enthusiasts

It offers numerous opportunities for horseback riding at the farm and in the surrounding area, as well as information on learning how to ride horses, guided tours in nature, hiring horses, horseback riding lessons, horseback riding trails and terrains. During holidays, quests at the farm can take care of and groom the horses.

A tourist farm suitable for children not accompanied by parents

These farms offer entertaining and active holidays for children without accompanying parents, most frequently with their own guardians. Some farms offer a safe and diverse comprehensive program of activities themselves. Their farm stay programs include getting to know nature, working on the farm, and play activities under the careful supervision of child care workers or other professionally qualified staff.

A biker-friendly tourist farm

These farms offer numerous opportunities for bicycling in the area, information about bicycle trails and their features, and information about points of interest reachable by bicycle. Bicycle storage is available at the farms and bicycles can be rented if you do not bring your own.

A wine-growing tourist farm

Winegrowing tourist farms, usually located along tourist wine roads, are friendly places that spoil their guests with excellent wines and tasty kitchen delicacies. Guests can learn about work in the vineyards and wine cellars at first hand. These farms are attractive not just for wine connoisseurs since their hospitality and hominess will charm everyone.

A tourist farm suitable for disabled persons

These farms are equipped so that guests in wheelchairs can move freely around the farm unassisted and have accommodations and facilities appropriately furnished to meet their needs.

Slovenia green accomodation

V Zeleni shemi slovenskega turizma je že več kot 50 ponudnikov nastanitev, ki so bile za svoja trajnostna in zelena prizadevanja nagrajene z znakom Slovenia Green Accommodation. Med njimi so turistične kmetije, manjši butični hoteli, kampi in glampingi ter zelene nastanitve s posebnimi zgodbami. Znak SG Accommodation lahko nastanitve pridobijo na podlagi enega od mednarodno priznanih certifikatov: Bio Hotels, Ecocamping, EU Ecolabel, Green Globe, Green Key, Travelife za nastanitve, World of Glamping Green ali Hostelling International Quality & Sustainability.

Slovenia green cuisine

Vključitev gastronomije v Zeleno shemo slovenskega turizma (ZSST) na podlagi modula za destinacije in novega znaka Slovenia Green Cuisine je eden glavnih ciljev projekta Evropske gastronomske regije 2021. Pogoj za pridobitev znaka SG Cuisine je pridobitev enega izmed mednarodnih trajnostnih certifikatov (Green Key ali L.E.A.F) ter podpis Zaveze za trajnostno gastronomijo Slovenije. S tem se ponudniki, ki znak pridobijo, zavežejo k spoštovanju sedmih trajnostnih načel: avtentičnosti ponudbe, povezovanju z lokalnimi dobavitelji, usmerjenosti k naravi, delovanju s čim manj odpadki, uporabi neoporečne vode, odgovornosti do okolja in odgovornosti do zaposlenih.

Slovenia unique experiences

Slovenia Unique Experiences is a label for the most unique experiences, awarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board. Every holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences label ensures that the experience is local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainably green, of premium quality. Guests can rely on experiencing a story in a very personal way, at its original scene, in touch with locals, in a way that has not been copied from elsewhere and is in line with the sustainable principles in tourism.

Green & safe

GREEN & SAFE label highlights superior hygiene standards and protocols, and sustainable recommendations for Slovenian tourist service providers and destinations. Through activities based on safety, responsibility and sustainability, we increase our guests' trust in Slovenia as a green and safe tourist destination. More:

Safe travelers

Green Key

The Green Key award is the World leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry. This prestigious eco-label represents a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education. A Green Key stands for the promise to its guests that by opting to stay with the Green Key establishment, they are helping to make a difference on an environmental level. The high environmental standards expected of these establishments are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits. Green Key is eligible for hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, holiday parks, conference centres, restaurants and attractions.

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