In Slovenia you can summer vacations also spend on tourist farms. For you, we have divided them into individual regions below. Each of the farms and regions offers different opportunities for research, activities and relaxed relaxation. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday rush, surrounded by greenery and peace, they will surely be the perfect place for you and your family to relax and regenerate. The beds are already made, the smells from the home kitchens, the animals are grazing and the masters and mistresses are already impatiently waiting for you! A warm welcome.


Ferencovi, Krašči, Puconci

The farm is an excellent starting point for various trips by bike or on foot around Goričko, the farm has children's playgrounds, a tennis court and animals.

Availability: July - August

Reservations:, 031 302 531


Tompa, Ljutomer

The vineyard tourist farm offers wine tastings in the cellar, saunas (Finnish or infrared), peace and a beautiful view of the landscape. There are many possibilities for an active vacation: cycling, hiking, rafting on the Mur, visiting the nearby BioTerm Mala Nedelja and Terme Banovci.

Availability: July - August

Reservations:, 02 580 90 57, 041 516 637


VRBNJAK, Mala Nedelja

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: apartments

Specialties: Horseback riding, carriage rides, fishing, farm animals, organic produce, organic homemade food

Reservations: 031 705 646,



Pep's wine house, Svetinje (Jeruzalem), 10 km from Ormož.

Availability: July - August

Reservations:, 041846116


Vinogradništvo Pungračič, Drenovec, Zavrč

The vineyard farm offers beautiful views of nature and vast vineyards.

Availability: July - August

Reservations:, 031447566



The farm, which is located on a hill with a wonderful view of the surrounding area, is surrounded by 12 hectares of vineyards in which Sauvignon, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, Yellow Muscat, and Chipon varieties thrive. They have received many national and international awards for their excellent wines, which can be tried at guided tastings. An excellent starting point for an active vacation, cycling past the wine mountains.

Availability: July - August

Type of accommodation: rooms and apartments

Reservations:, 02 758 00 51, 051 621 496



Tourist farm Arbajter, Skomarje, Zreče

Arbajter tourist farm in Skomarje is known for its deer farm, delicious dishes, soft and comfortable rooms and friendly attitude towards guests.

Availability: July - August

* Minimum of 2 nights, additional tourist tax, breakfast or half board, discounts for children up to 12 years old

Special features: Deer farm, deer feeding, proximity to the path between the Rogla treetops

Reservations: or 051 296 921



Marjanca tourist farm, Sp. Kostrivnica, Rogaška Slatina

An ideal place for everyone who loves the peace and beauty of nature with a beautiful view from Boč to Donačka gora on the east side, and in the west, in good weather, the view reaches all the way to the Kamniška Savinja Alps.

Availability: July - August

* Minimum of 2 nights

Special feature: wellness and outdoor pool

Reservations:, 040 187 250




Availability: various dates in July and August

* Minimum of 2 nights, surcharge for tourist tax, surcharge for breakfast

Special features: the apartments are surrounded by nature, nearby are Olimia Terme, Podsreda Castle, Jelenov Greben, possibilities for hiking, electric rental. A bike.

Reservations: 031 336 463, 051 336 194


Lavender Hill Eco Resort, Dobrich, Polzela

Availability: July - August

Type of accommodation: rooms and apartments

* Minimum of 2 nights

Special feature: outdoor pool and wellness, peace

Reservations:, 031 855 595



Apartments Orel, Radegunda, Mozirje

An apartment in unspoiled nature at the foot of the Golte annual recreation center and near the Topolšica Thermal Spa, which offers bicycle rental and a large green area with playgrounds for children.

Availability: 26.7. – 30.7., 4.8. – 6.8., 16.8. – 31.8.

Type of accommodation: 2x apartment for 5 persons

*Minimum 2 nights

Reservations:, 070 411 401


Apartments and wellness center Korošec, Ljubija, Mozirje

Excellent rest and relaxation in apartments, wellness, in a quiet environment, far from the hustle and bustle, yet close.

Availability: July - August

*Minimum 2 nights stay, favorable package offers, discount on wellness services

Special features: all units are made of wood, private lake for swimming, boating, saunas, jacuzzi, massages, playground for children, bicycle rental.

Reservations: 031 619 634,



Loger tourist farm, Ljubno ob Savinja

On the farm, where they farm organically, sheep, goats and cattle, as well as ducks and two bunnies, move freely or in herds in the pasture.

Availability: various dates in July and August

*Minimum 2 nights, children up to 6 stay free, children up to 12 have a 50% discount

Special features: excellent local food, many different domestic animals, hiking trails, the proximity of the Savinja river, which is suitable for fishing

Reservations: 031 743 960 or



Kolar, Kolovrat, Ljubno ob Savinja

Availability: 21.7. – 24.7., 18.8. – 25.8.

*Minimum 3 nights stay

Type of accommodation: studio Kolovrat

Special features: Free bicycle rental, free use of seasonal vegetables

Reservations: 041-506-946,


Ramšak, Podolševa, Solčava

Availability: 14.7. – 17.7., 17.7. – 24.7.

Special features: many animals, playgrounds for children, activities for children, organically produced and processed food, hiking, cycling, close to Logarska dolina.

Reservations: 051 351 976,



Ljubica, Vinharje, Poljane

Availability: July

*Minimum 3 nights stay

Reservations:, 041 676 703


Šenkova homestead, Zg. Jezersko

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: apartments for 2 and 4 people, rooms for 2 and 2 +2 people

The room price includes breakfast, but the apartment price does not include breakfast. For an additional fee, we also offer dinners at the farm. In addition to rooms and apartments, you can also stay in the camp. We offer discounts for longer stays.

Special features: Many domestic animals, activities organized every day in the summer as part of Jezerska storia, outdoor playground, homemade food, rental of bicycles and self-protection kit, wellness with Finnish and IF sauna and hot water barrel.

Reservations:, 041 467 008




Pr' Trlej, Srednja vas, Begunje na Gorenjska

The farm, which accepts puppies and where you can rent bicycles, is located near Begunj, at the foot of the sunny side with a view of Triglav and wooded Jelovica.

Availability: July - August

Special features: excellent starting point for various trips by bike, on foot in Gorenjska, only 12 km to Bled, children's playground, swimming pool, animals on the farm

Reservations: 040 463 563, 04 533 36 79 or



HEALING FARM, Stara Oselica, Gorenja village

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: apartment for 4 and 6 people

Special features: With us, you can rest your body and spirit, fill up with the energy of nature.

Reservations: 040354348,




At the Martinovi, Globočice, Krška village

The Pri Martinovi farm lies between the wine-growing hills and the peaks of Gorjanci. Guests are welcomed in a more than 250-year-old wooden farmhouse, which has been beautifully restored and is protected as a monument. Besides it, there is a hayloft, a granary and a hayloft. You can go on a hike in the surrounding Posavina hills and visit Brežice, Čatež,...

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation:

Double and family rooms

* Minimum stay of 2 nights, additional tourist tax, children have a discount

Special features: many different farm animals for children, activities for children, organic food, wines from the local cellar, outdoor pool, opportunities for many activities in nature: boating on the Krka River, hiking, cycling,...

 Reservations:, 041381271

Online reservations at:



Tourist farm Friščevi, Rodik, Kozina

The surroundings offer many opportunities for attractive excursions. You can see the native Lipizzaner, visit the world of underground caves or the archaeological site above Rodik.

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: rooms: 3/2, 2/3

*Additional tourist tax

Special features: Tour of the mythical park, cycling, hiking, 20-minute drive to the sea

Reservations:, 051637890



Tourist farm RED FAIRYTALE, Marezige

The name alone tells you that you will feel comfortable with them and experience a fabulous, relaxing stay. The farm is famous for its premium extra virgin olive oil, which every guest can taste already in the apartment, where you have it available.

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: apartments for 2, 4 and 6 persons

* additional payment for breakfast, additional payment of tourist tax

Special features: Excellent starting point for cycling, only 10 minutes from the sea, large meadow with playground for children, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. We offer an olive oil tasting experience.

Reservations:, 041 271 455



Apartments Rouna, Slap, Vipava

The Rouna estate is surrounded by green nature on all sides and is about 1 km away from the village of Slap.

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: apartments for 2 + 2 persons

Special features: viticulture, farm in the countryside, wine tastings



Bizjakova homestead, Gonjače, Goriška brda

Today's image of the farm is the result of hard, planned work, honest and sincere business, and above all, respect for nature and love for the land and wine.

Availability: 13 July - 31 July, 1 August - 25 August.

Type of accommodation:

2 x double beds

1x apartment for 3 persons

Special features: top quality domestically produced wine



Kranjc – Pri Arnejčku, Koseč, Kobarid

Availability: various dates in July and August

Type of accommodation: family rooms, rooms for 2 and 3 people and a glamping house

Reservations:, 041 946 088

Online reservations and availability at



Matjaž's homestead - Zidanice Škatlar 1, 2 and 3, Paha, Otočec

Availability: various dates in July and August.

Type of accommodation: apartments for 4 people and a glamping house for 2 people

Special features: Every guest is invited to the cellar for a rich wine tasting accompanied by homemade cold cuts.

All brick houses have saunas and a hot tub or whirlpool. Opportunities for cycling, hiking, swimming in the Krka River or spas, rich additional offer of the region.

Reservations: 041 880 813,


ŠERUGA, Sela pri Ratež, Otočec

Availability: 17.7. – 31.7.

Type of accommodation: double rooms

Special features: wellness on the farm and active recreation in nature: cycling, hiking, golf

Reservations:, 07 33 46 900



LOGAR, Žerovnica, Grahovo

It is located on the edge of Lake Cerkniško, where there are many opportunities for hiking and cycling in the surrounding area.

Availability: various dates in July and August.

Reservations:, 031 784 232



Grunt Sonek, Tolsti Vrh near Mislinja

Availability: August and September.

Type of accommodation: house Sonek, for 5 + 2 persons

Price: €130/ 2 persons/ night + tourist tax; €10 / each additional person/night

* Minimum stay of 2 nights, additional tourist tax, discounts for children, use of the sauna is included in the price.

Special features: Many domestic animals (feeding and care possible upon agreement), homemade food (welcome with homemade products upon arrival), the offer includes a Finnish sauna; very good starting point for cycling, hiking, only 11 km away from the sports center Rogla.

Reservations: 041 564 694 – Špela, 040 551 570 – Marko,



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