Kuršinci 19, 9243 Mala Nedelja, Slovenija
+386 (0)2 584 82 86, +386 (0)31 705 646
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Activities on the farm
hiking, mountain climbing cross-country skiing equestrianism table tennis biking playground for children hunting fishing

About the farm

The hill on which the Vrbnjak organic tourist farm is located is not  reached by the noise of traffic and you will also not see any industrial  chimney stacks around. 

In the triangle between the towns of Ljutomer,  Ptuj and Gornja Radgona, the conditions are favourable for organic food  cultivation, which is why the Vrbnjak family pamper their guests with  fresh vegetables from the garden in the summer and with preserved  vegetables in winter. They also market their preserved vegetables  successfully in organic stores. Meat products (sausages, salamis, meat  dipped in a minced lard and pork mixture (tünka)), dairy products, bread  from the wood-fired bread oven and kvasenica (sour cream and cottage  cheese yeast cake), postržjača (cake filled with minced lard, garlic and  cheese) and other pastries baked in the oven (to order) are also all  homemade. You can take homemade wine, juices, teas and various brandies  to the apartments designed in accordance with characteristic farm  architecture. 

The farm has horses for the youngest visitors to ride as  well as horses on which you can ride across the nearby meadows and  forests. Horses are accompanied by other domestic animals that are a  magnet for the children. They can play on the children’s playground,  while parents can visit the nearby spas of Bioterme in Mala Nedelja or  Terme Banovci as well as hike or cycle on trails arranged in the  surroundings.

Key information

  • Open from to
  • 1.1.-31.12.
  • Apartments
  • 3/4, 1/6
  • Foreign languages spoken on the farm
    • German
    • English
    • Croatian


  • High season
    • Apartment rental (for 2 Persons) €50.00
    • Apartment rental (for 4 Persons) €70.00
    • Apartment rental (for 6 Persons) €90.00
  • Low season
    • Apartment rental (for 2 Persons) €50.00
    • Apartment rental (for 4 Persons) €70.00
    • Apartment rental (for 6 Persons) €90.00
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