Podolševa 10, 3335 Solčava, Slovenija
+386 (0)3 839 49 40, +386 (0)31 318 332
2 apples
Activities on the farm
hang-gliding paragliding hiking, mountain climbing cross-country skiing river, lake swimming archery biking bowling playground for children hunting fishing
Activities in the surroundings
skiing equestrianism tennis sauna ice-skating

About the farm

Wherever the eye reachesmountains! Solitude, tranquility, the singing of birds, the humming of bees, the smell of forest and herbsthis is the Majdač farm, 900 meters above sea level.

Setting off for a days hiking, guests stuff their knapsacks with homemade salami, Savinjski želodec, cheese, cottage cheese, and other goodies. Anica spoils her guests with various vegetable and milk dishes, žganci, žlikrofi, štruklji, and many varieties of strudel, potica, and donuts. They also have an apartment on Grohot alpine meadow below Mount Raduha, 1460 meters above sea level.

Guests can rent bicycles, sleds, and bows on the farm. There is a sled run on the farm, a ski slope is nearby, and you can ride a bicycle to the Logarska dolina valley. The interesting sights of Ljubno, Luče, Solčava, Igla, Robanov kot, and Matkov kot also await visitors.

Key information

  • Open from to
  • 1. 1. - 31. 12.
  • Rooms
  • 2/2, 1/3, 2/4
  • Apartments
  • 1/8+2
  • Seat capacity
  • 20
  • Foreign languages spoken on the farm
    • German
    • English
    • Croatian


  • High season
    • Bed and breakfast €30.00
    • Half-board €35.00
    • Full board €40.00
    • Apartment rental €70.00
  • Low season
    • Bed and breakfast €30.00
    • Half-board €35.00
    • Full board €40.00
    • Apartment rental €50.00-60.00
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Specializirana ponudba

Specializirana ponudba